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Enhancing Connectivity at Sea: Ditel V81 Maritime VSAT Empowers a Cargo Ship

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Author : Lin Ma
Update time : 2024-02-29 08:59:33

In the vast expanse of the ocean, reliable communication is crucial. Setting sail in the Asian region, our spotlight falls upon a cargo ship that exemplifies the perfect candidate for the Ditel V81. With a length of 127 meters, width of 20 meters, and a draft of 7.2 meters, this vessel traverses the seas, relying on Ditel V81's adaptability and reliability to stay connected.
The Ditel V81 is a state-of-the-art maritime VSAT antenna system that offers exceptional value and superior RF performance. With a dish diameter of 83cm and operating in the Ku-band, the V81 is designed with a 3-axis stabilized platform and 4-axis auto tracking. These features ensure easy operation onboard and access to remote support whenever needed.
The cargo ship finds an ideal match in the Ditel V81, thanks to its robust design and advanced tracking capabilities. Supporting remote control via PCs and mobile devices, video monitoring, broadband connectivity, video conferences, VoIP, and more, the Ditel V81 caters to the ship's diverse networking needs, enabling seamless communication and connectivity throughout its journey. The cargo ship’s size and its route across the Asian region present unique communication challenges. The Ditel V81, with its advanced features and robust performance, is perfectly equipped to meet these challenges. Its 3-axis stabilized platform ensures stable communication even in rough sea conditions. The 4-axis auto tracking allows the antenna to maintain a lock on the satellite, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
Ditel not only provides the maritime VSAT equipment but also offers airtime service based on customer requirements. Our services are renowned for their stability, speed, and ability to meet various network usage demands. For a cargo ship, reliable network service is crucial for operational efficiency and safety. With Ditel’s VSAT solution, the ship now enjoys stable and fast connectivity, enhancing its operational efficiency and safety.

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