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Ditel V81 VSAT Terminal: A Reliable and Efficient Solution for Seamless Maritime Communication

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Author : Lin Ma
Update time : 2023-03-16 08:47:47
DITEL V81 VSAT Terminals Installed on A Large Cargo ship

As the maritime industry continues to embrace ESG principles, the demand for reliable and efficient satellite communication solutions has grown significantly. Ditel has been a popular supplier of VSAT terminals and airtime service plans for vessels of all sizes. Recently, Ditel has installed a V81 VSAT terminal on a large cargo ship, demonstrating the effectiveness of their solution even in the most remote or harsh environments.
The cargo ship, measuring 225m in length and 32m in width, required a maritime solution that could provide flawless and consistent airtime service for the crew members to stay in touch with their onshore team and keep updated with the latest information. This is where Ditel's V81 VSAT terminal comes in. With its reflector of 83cm diameter that works on Ku-band and five patent technologies, the V81 offers superior high tracking performance, remote control, video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP, and other network applications. The antenna system is also protected by a well-manufactured dome cover that ensures proper reflection for the antenna system and keeps it working properly even during the voyage.
To ensure proper connectivity performance, the VSAT terminal was equipped with a modem that provides regional service mainly in Southeast Asia, which was the main area of operation for the ship. The cargo ship chose Ditel's standard airtime service plan, which provided flawless Internet connectivity on board throughout the ship's navigation, even in the most remote or harsh environments. The crew members were able to stay in touch with their onshore team and improve their work efficiency.
Ditel's V81 VSAT terminal is not only reliable and efficient but also easy to install and operate. This makes it an ideal solution for ship owners and maritime solution dealers who are looking for a comprehensive maritime communication system. With Ditel's solution, ship owners can rest assured that their crew members will be able to stay connected with their onshore team throughout their navigation, even in the most remote or harsh environments.
In conclusion, Ditel V81 VSAT terminal is a reliable and efficient solution for various ships looking for a comprehensive maritime communication system on board. With its superior high tracking performance and easy installation and operation, Ditel V81 has become a popular choice among Ditel's customers worldwide!
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