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Case Study: V81 Antenna System Installed on Merchant Ship, Enabling Upgraded Marine Operations

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Author : Amanda Wu
Update time : 2024-03-28 10:48:06

Product Introduction
The V81 marine communication antenna system is a high-performance, high-reliability Ku-band satellite communication antenna system mainly used for various types of vessels to achieve satellite communication functions. The system has the following features:
Stable and Reliable: Adopts high-quality materials and structural design, with strong anti-interference ability, and can work stably in harsh sea conditions.
Powerful Functions: Supports various satellite communication functions to meet the needs of vessels operating in different sea areas.
Easy Operation: The system is equipped with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and learn.

Application Effect

The installation of the V81 marine communication antenna system has brought the following application effects to merchant ship:
Improved Communication Quality: Provides a stable and reliable satellite communication link to ensure smooth communication during marine operations.
Enriched Ship Applications: Supports real-time video surveillance, ship broadband access, ship network TV, ship remote video conferencing, satellite phone and other functions to meet the living and working needs of the crew.
Improved Operation Efficiency: Improve the efficiency and safety of marine operations through real-time video surveillance, remote command and other functions.



The installation of the V81 marine communication antenna system is an important measure for merchant ship to improve its marine operation capabilities. The system will provide merchant ship with stable and reliable satellite communication services, helping it achieve digital transformation and improve its overall competitiveness in marine operations.

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