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Two DITEL V81 VSAT equipment installed on an oil tanker

A 115m oil tanker has chosen our DITEL V81 equipment to offer Internet service on board. The crew members have subscribed our basic airtime service plan at very affordable prices.
Two DITEL V81 VSAT equipment on an oil tanker

• Oil tanker in 115m length and 18m width
• Navigation around Asia sea areas
Energy transportation is one key industry which raises high attention globally, especially during recent days as many European countries are facing energy shortage. The application of VSAT solutions on oil tankers can help to improve its shipping management efficiencies. Nowadays, two Ditel VSAT equipment have been installed on an oil tanker, which is 115m long and 18m wide. Its carrying capacity is 8246 DWT. The crew members on this vessel mainly use the Internet service to send work emails, browse websites and keep updated with its offshore team to achieve real-time shipping management and improve work efficiencies. This oil tanker mainly navigates in Asia areas to achieve oil sea transportation between countries and areas.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• Two DITEL V81 VSAT equipment
• Affordable maritime airtime service
According to its Internet application requirement, our Ditel V81 has been chosen for this oil tanker. Ditel V81 is a 83cm sized VSAT. It works on Ku-band. Inside the high quality dome, there is a highly integrated antenna system design. Our V81 has a 3-axis stabilized platform and integrates a built-in inertial guidance module. Based on this intelligent system design, this VSAT supports automatic tracking while the ship keeps moving. In addition, a patented technology, Singfinger, has been applied to its antenna control unit (ACU). This one-key operation system supports interactive action of state control and parameter input with one single button.
In addition to hardware equipment, we Ditel also offer airtime service to this oil tanker. We have built our own hub station, and offer various airtime service plan options for customers. As the crew members on this oil tanker mainly use the Internet to send emails and browse websites, they choose a basic plan which charges at very affordable prices. According to their practice so far, they feel quite satisfied with the consistent Internet connection and affordable service costs!
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