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Ditel V81 Maritime VSAT Provides Reliable Connectivity for Survey Vessel

A 67-meter-long survey vessel, with a 1980T displacement, has recently been outfitted with Ditel's cutting-edge maritime VSAT, the V81.

A 67-meter-long survey vessel, with a 1980T displacement, has recently been outfitted with Ditel's cutting-edge maritime VSAT, the V81. This sophisticated communication solution caters to the vessel's need for high-speed internet access during its voyages and survey operations across various sea conditions.


Operating in remote and challenging environments, survey vessels often carry out offshore research and data collection. Reliable communication is essential for crew safety and efficient operations. Maritime VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) provides a trustworthy, high-speed internet connection, facilitating real-time data sharing, video conferencing, and voice calls, even under the most demanding circumstances.

Ditel V81 Equipment

The Ditel V81 is a state-of-the-art maritime VSAT, featuring an 83cm dish diameter and operating in the Ku-band. Its 3-axis stabilization and 4-axis auto-tracking capabilities ensure optimal performance and uninterrupted connectivity, making it an ideal choice for sizable vessels such as commercial and wind installation ships.
Five patented technologies are integrated into the V81, allowing for smooth on-board operation and access to remote support when required. The system supports remote control via PC and mobile devices, as well as video monitoring, broadband, video conferencing, VoIP, and other network applications.
The V81 was chosen for this survey vessel due to its outstanding value and superior RF performance. Its advanced stabilization and tracking features make it a prime choice for maintaining a stable connection in the harsh conditions typically faced by survey vessels. The V81's capacity to support various network applications ensures the vessel's communication needs are met, enabling the crew to concentrate on their survey tasks.

Ditel's Comprehensive Service Offerings

Besides providing the V81 maritime VSAT, Ditel offers airtime services that guarantee fast, affordable, and reliable connectivity. Our customer-centric approach, competitive pricing, and dedication to delivering top-notch service position Ditel as a popular partner of maritime communication solutions.
Furthermore, Ditel furnishes professional installation guidance and a detailed user manual, assisting customers in selecting an appropriate installation location and ensuring proper setup. With the help of the user manual, technicians can effortlessly configure related parameters on the Antenna Control Unit (ACU).


The Ditel V81 maritime VSAT has proven to be a valuable asset for this survey vessel, offering dependable connectivity and satisfying the communication requirements of the vessel's operations. The combination of advanced technology, comprehensive service, and competitive pricing makes Ditel's V81 an exceptional choice for any large vessel seeking reliable satellite communication.
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