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Ditel V81 Maritime VSAT: A Perfect Fit for Wind Installation Vessel

Ditel has recently completed a successful installation of V81 maritime VSAT on an engineering vessel, serving as a wind installation platform. Ditel V81 enables reliable and consistent connectivity for this engineering vessel at sea.

In the ever-evolving field of maritime communication, innovative solutions are vital to maintain a competitive edge and ensure seamless operations. Ditel, a leading provider of maritime VSAT equipment and services, has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence with the successful installation of the V81 maritime VSAT antenna on a state-of-the-art wind installation vessel. This vessel is 106.6m in length, 44.2m in width, 8.45m in depth, and 3.8m in draft, primarily operating in the Asian region.
The Ditel V81 is an ideal choice for this particular engineering vessel, thanks to its outstanding features and capabilities. With an 83cm reflector diameter, it operates in the Ku-band frequency, offering 3-axis stabilization and 4-axis auto tracking. These features allow the V81 to provide exceptional value and superior RF performance while ensuring easy operation on board and access to remote support when needed.
Designed for use on large vessels such as commercial and wind installation ships, Ditel V81 incorporates five patented technologies that enhance its performance and reliability. Remote control is available via PC and mobile devices, allowing for seamless integration with various network applications, such as video monitoring, broadband, video conferencing, and VoIP.
Ditel not only provides state-of-the-art maritime VSAT equipment but also offers comprehensive airtime services. Clients benefit from a stable connection, high-speed internet, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support, ensuring a high-quality experience throughout the entire service range.
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