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DITEL provides a fishing boat with a multiple maritime VSAT solution

DITEL provides a fishing boat with a total maritime solution, including multiple VSAT equipment and regional airtime service at cost effective prices.
DITEL Multiple Maritime VSAT Solution on a Fishing Boat

• Fishing boat in 38m length and 6m width
• Navigation around China sea areas
Fishing is one key industry around the world, especially in the coastal areas. Nowadays, in addition to large commercial vessels, a growing number of fishing boats in small and medium sizes have installed maritime VSAT solutions to provide Internet service onboard. We Ditel have recently installed our maritime VSAT equipment on a fishing boat in 38m length and 6m width, and offer airtime service for fishermen on this boat. Our maritime solution not only enables web browsing and calls on board, but also supports the fisherman to make fishery transactions on time. The fishermen can keep updated with real-time dynamic query of fishing boats, weather information, policy news and many other important information on board. As this fishing boat mainly navigates around China sea areas, we advise most suitable VSAT models for them. Therefore, they can always enjoy good satellite coverage during its fishing voyage.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• Multiple DITEL VSAT equipment
• Regional maritime airtime service
Our Ditel V81 suits the telecommunication requirement of this fishing boat perfectly. This V81 model has a reflector of 83cm diameter, and works on Ku-band. It has a great internal design, which has a 3-axis stabilized platform and integrates a built-in inertial guidance mode. This special antenna system supports automatic tracking while the fishing boat keeps moving. In addition, with the support of its antenna control unit (ACU), the antenna can be remotely controlled by PC and mobile and provides various Internet services, such as video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP and other network applications. According to their application requirement, this fishing boat decides to choose our multiple VSAT equipment and they have been well installed over the deck without significant shelter around.
The fishermen on this fishing boat highly think of the consistency of the Internet service. They want to stay in connection during its whole fishing voyage. Based on the multiple VSAT equipment, we recommend our regional airtime service plans to them, which provide consistent service at Asia areas at cost-effective prices. They have subscribed this airtime plan and used for a while. According to their practice so far, the fishermen feel satisfied with both the consistency and speed of our Internet service. We are more than happy to hear this positive feedback!
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