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DITEL Maritime VSAT V81 on a sport fishing boat enriching entertainment onboard

DITEL offers a dual maritime VSAT solution to a sport fishing boat providing fast speed Internet service on board.
DITEL Maritime VSAT V81 on a Sport Fishing Boat

• Sport fishing boat in 39m length and 7m width
• Navigation around China areas
Sport fishing used to be a popular leisure activity only in developed countries in Europe and America areas. However, in more recent years, a growing number of people in other countries have become interested in this activity as well. These days, a Chinese fishing entertainment company has ordered our Ditel maritime VSAT solution and get installed on its sport fishing boat. As they require consistent Internet service, and furthermore, providing fast speed connection on board, which can improve the fishing customers’ entertaining satisfaction, this company choose a dual maritime VSAT solution including two VSAT equipment and airtime service. And this sport fishing boat will not go very far to the deep sea, mainly navigate around China areas, they can always enjoy good satellite coverage during its voyage.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• Two DITEL 83cm VSAT equipment
• Fast-speed maritime airtime service
According to the communication requirement on board, this sport fishing boat has chosen our V81 model. This VSAT has a reflector of 83cm diameter, and works on Ku-band. DITEL V81 is designed with a 3-axis stabilized platform and integrates a built-in inertial guidance mode which enables this antenna to automatically adjust its tracking angle to keep the satellite locked. Therefore, the tracking performance enables stable Internet connection as the sport fishing boat may sway because of the waves at sea. Moreover, our Ditel V81 supports remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP and other network applications.  In order to avoid significant shelters around the antennas, the two VSATs have been installed over the deck and there is a certain distance between them. The clever installation spots selection  ensures the consistency of Internet service on board.
Based on the dual VSAT equipment, this sport fishing boat subscribes airtime service plans which offer fast downloads/uploads speed. The anglers and passengers on board can feel free to share live stories about their fishing experience on social media platforms and make video calls with their family or friends. This service will significantly improve their enjoyment at sea, and furthermore, ensures their safety on board. They could quickly ask for help once any emergency happens to them.
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