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DITEL Maritime VSAT V60 installed on A Comprehensive Test Ship

DITEL offers maritime VSAT solution for a 89m comprehensive test ship, which enables real-time communication of test results for technicians on board.
DITEL 65cm maritime VSAT V60 installed on a comprehensive test ship

• Comprehensive test ship in 89m length and 18m width
• Request consistent network on board
In order to conduct a series of marine tests at sea flawlessly, a comprehensive test ship requires consistent Internet connectivity on board. This ship is 89m long and 18m wide. It mainly works in Chinese sea area. Many tests will be conducted on board, including maritime mobile tests and engineering operation tests. This ship, as a maritime maneuver information node, can provide a complete maritime navigation test environment for various electronic information systems. Hence, consistent network connectivity is important for this ship. They are looking for a sincere maritime VSAT solution partner to provides Internet service for all crew members and technicians on this ship. Only with the support of network connectivity on board, can all test data be communicated timely. This is an important process for all test conduction.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• DITEL maritime VSAT equipment V60
• Fast-speed airtime service
Regarding its communication requirement, Ditel as a professional satcom solution provider, have advised V60 for this comprehensive test ship. On the one hand, this antenna system can work properly under the satellite coverage in the ship’s working sea area. On the other hand, Ditel V60 is a 65cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system, featuring a compact size and lightweight design. This model can fit this test ship size well. With its 2-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V60 offers superior tracking performance to users. The five patents make Ditel V60 performs super high tracking efficiency with 65cm dish while other antennas need 90cm dish or larger. Besides, based on this VSAT model, we offer a high-speed airtime plan for this test ship. Therefore, the technicians are able to communicate their test results in real time. Moreover, this network service also enables the crew members on board to improve their ship management efficiency!
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