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DITEL 65cm Maritime VSAT V60 installed on a 162m container ship

DITEL maritime VSAT solution has been practiced on a 162m container ship, which consists of 65cm V60 VSAT equipment and regional airtime plan with Asia coverage.
DITEL 65cm maritime VSAT V60 installed on a container ship

• Container ship in 162m length and 26m width
• Navigation clue across Asia areas
Ditel was founded in 2010, focusing on high-gain satellite antenna and satellite signal servo tracking technology. We have become a largest satellite communication solution provider for commercial vessels in China. Over 30,000 vessels have installed our marine antennas on board. Recently, another container ship, which is 162m long and 26m wide, has chosen our maritime VSAT solution on board. This vessel navigates in regional clues across Asia areas. To ensure the safety of seafarers on board and effective ship management, Internet service on board is important for this vessel. The crew members want to send work emails and browse related websites. Therefore, they can keep in touch with their the onshore team during their voyage.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• DITEL maritime VSAT equipment V60
• Affordable regional airtime plan
Ditel as a satellite communication solution provider, has self-developed many series of marine antennas for different vessel types. According to their communication requirement, this container ship has chosen to install our V60 on board. Ditel V60 is a 65cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system, featuring a compact size and lightweight design. With its 2-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V60 offers superior tracking performance to users. The 5 patents make Ditel V60 performs super high tracking efficiency with 65cm dish while other antennas need 90cm dish at least.
Based on Ditel V60 equipment, we have several maritime solution options including different airtime service plans. According to its navigation clue around Asia, we have advised a regional plan to this ship, which costs a very affordable monthly fee. With the support of this satcom solution, the seafarers are able to send work emails timely. The network service on board helps to improve their ship management efficiency, and receives positive feedback from the ship owner and crew members!
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