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DITEL Enables Network Connectivity on An Offshore Test Platform

DITEL provides a 50m offshore test platform with fast-speed maritime network solution, which enables it to conduct various marine tests at sea.

DITEL 65cm maritime VSAT V60 installed on an offshore test platform

• Offshore test platform in 50m length and 12m width
• Working in China sea area
In marine industry, there are many various marine researches requiring offshore tests on board. Offshore test platform is the one important vessel type to conduct these tests. Recently, one of this typed vessels comes to us Ditel to get their maritime solution on board. This offshore test platform is 50m long and 12m wide. It plans to observe and sample the comprehensive marine environment such as offshore marine dynamic environment, geological environment, and ecological environment, as well as to support underwater operations such as pipe laying and cable laying in deep and shallow seas. This vessel mainly works in China sea areas, and has become one of the offshore mobile laboratories and test platforms for basic research and high-tech development of offshore marine science in China. Based on the marine tests requirement, this ship requires consistent Internet connectivity on board to communicate the test result flawlessly with its onshore team.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• DITEL maritime VSAT equipment V60
• Regional airtime service
As this offshore test platform is not a large-sized vessel, Ditel have recommended V60 for this vessel according to its satellite communication application and vessel information. Ditel V60 has a compact size and lightweight design. Its reflector diameter is a 65cm. Therefore, this model can easily fit in this 50m vessel. Moreover, it works on Ku-band. With its 2-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V60 offers superior tracking performance to users. The 5 patents make Ditel V60 perform super high tracking efficiency with 65cm dish while other antennas need 90cm dish at least. As this offshore test platform works in China area, we have advised a regional airtime plan for this vessel working on ChinaSat satellite. This airtime plan offers fast-speed Internet connection at very a cost-effective price. The shipping company and its crew members on board all feel quite satisfied with this Ditel maritime solution. With the support of Internet service on board, they can easily upload their test results online and easily discuss with their onshore team and make timely updates!
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