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DITEL 65cm VSAT V60 Installed on A Sport Fishing Boat

DITEL offers a maritime VSAT solution for a sport fishing boat, which provides fast speed Internet service at sea.
Ditel Maritime VSAT V60 on a Sport Fishing Boat

• Sport fishing boat in 15m length and 4m width
• Navigation around China areas
Sport fishing is a popular activity enjoyed by people all over the world. Sport fishing boats are equipped with a variety of equipment to make the experience more enjoyable and productive. One piece of technology that is becoming increasingly popular on sport fishing boats is VSAT which allows boats to access the internet, make phone calls, and send and receive data while out at sea. Ditel has offered a maritime VSAT solution for one of this typed vessels these days. This sport fishing boat is 15m long and 4m wide, and its navigation is around China areas. One of the primary reasons for this vessel requires maritime solution is for safety. When out at sea, it is important to be able to communicate with other boats and with emergency services in case of an emergency. Besides, this vessel requires VSAT for convenience. With VSAT, boat owners and passengers can stay connected to their friends and family, access social media, and even stream movies or music. This can make the sport fishing experience more enjoyable and relaxing.
DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution
• DITEL 65cm VSAT equipment
• Fast-speed maritime airtime service
According to the communication requirement on board, this sport fishing boat has chosen our V60 model. Ditel V60 is an exceptional Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system that is perfect for smaller vessels that require a compact and lightweight design. With space constraints on board, the V60's size and weight make it the perfect choice for this sport fishing boat. The 2-axis stabilized platform makes V60 allow for superior tracking performance that ensures users have a stable and reliable connection even in challenging maritime conditions. The V60's superior tracking performance means that it can achieve excellent connectivity with a 65cm dish, where other antennas might require a larger 90cm dish to achieve similar results. This makes the V60 a smart and cost-effective choice for vessel owners looking to improve their connectivity at sea.
Equipped with this 65cm VSAT equipment, this sport fishing boat has subscribed our airtime service plan that offers fast download and upload speeds Internet service. The boat's anglers and passengers can now easily share live stories about their fishing experiences on social media platforms, as well as make video calls with their friends and family. This service significantly enhances their enjoyment while at sea and also ensures their safety on board. In the event of an emergency, the fast and reliable connectivity allows them to quickly request assistance, which could potentially save lives.
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