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DITEL VSAT V81 supports fast-speed connection on sport fishing boat

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Author : Ma Lin
Update time : 2022-06-23 15:58:49
Sport Fishing Boat with DITEL VSAT V81 Maritime Antenna
Key Takeaways
1. There are continuous growing demands of VSAT maritime antennas on sport fishing boats all over the world
2. DITEL V81 provides fast-speed Internet connection with optional 6W/8W/16W/40W BUC
3. DITEL V81 is a 3-axis stabilized, 4-axis tracking antenna. The outstanding performance enables consistent Internet connectivity through the whole sport fishing voyage
Sport fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities in most countries over the world. During early spring and late autumn, a growing number of people are planning recreational fishing activities. In the past, fishermen did the deep sea fishing as their job and lived on it. They did not have Internet connectivity requirements when fishing on board. However, for the leisure purpose, the anglers always expect to stay online even on the deep sea. Internet disconnection will seriously reduce their fishing entertainment.
Therefore, fast-speed and consistent Internet connectivity through the whole sport fishing voyage has become one of the most desired functions for most anglers. Shipping companies are looking for VSAT maritime antennas with great performance to get their sport fishing boats equipped with.
DITEL Solution
For most sport fishing boats, they do not ship to areas with poor satellite coverage. Therefore, these sport fishing boat do not have strict requirements on the satellite signal coverage, but focus more on the Internet loading speed and signal stability.
In order to support fast-speed Internet connection on the sport fishing boat, it is important to get the maritime antenna equipped with a proper BUC with sufficient power. For DITEL V81, there are four BUC options available: 6W/8W/16W/40W. The anglers can feel free to share live stories about their fishing experience on social media platforms and make video calls with their family or friends even on the deep sea.
The key features influencing the Internet connection stability are the maritime antenna tracking parameters. DITEL V81 is a 3-axis stabilized, 4-axis tracking antenna. Its built-in inertial guidance mode enables V81 to automatically adjust its tracking angle to keep the satellite locked. The tracking performance enables stable Internet connection even though the sport fishing boat swaying a lot on the sea.
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