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Stay Connected at Sea: The Successful Installation of Ditel's V60 Maritime VSAT on a Merchant Vessel

Ditel has been serving a growing number of vessels globally with our outstanding maritime VSAT solutions. Here is one installation case completed recently, which explores the unique features of Ditel V60 model and the reliable connectivity service.

In the dynamic world of shipping, where smooth communication is pivotal, the need for reliable and efficient maritime VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) systems cannot be overemphasized. Ditel, a leading provider of maritime VSAT and airtime services, recently achieved a successful installation of our V60 model on a merchant vessel.
This merchant vessel, with a length of 140 meters, a width of 34 meters, and a draught of 6.8 meters, predominantly operates in the Asian region, traversing the vast water bodies, transporting goods, and contributing to the global economy. Like all maritime ventures, it requires a reliable communication system to ensure smooth operations.
Ditel's V60 is a 65cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system, boasting a compact size and lightweight design. These features make it a perfect fit for various vessels including this merchant ship. The 2-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies ensure superior tracking performance and high efficiency. While other antennas require at least a 90cm dish to deliver effective results, Ditel V60 surpasses expectations with a 65cm dish, thanks to the innovative patented technology. Ditel V60's exceptional performance under the satellite coverage in the Asian region, along with its cost-effectiveness, made it the ideal choice for this merchant vessel.
Ditel's commitment to providing holistic solutions extends beyond supplying equipment. We also offer airtime services, ensuring stable connections, high-speed communication, and cost-effectiveness. These factors make Ditel a reliable partner for maritime operations across the region, demonstrating an undying commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation.
In the challenging environment of the maritime industry, Ditel emerges as a beacon of reliability. The successful installation of the V60 on a merchant vessel in the Asian region stands as a testament to the company's dedication to delivering top-notch products and services.
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