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Seamless Maritime Connectivity: Successful Installation of Ditel V60 VSAT Antenna on an Oil Products Tanker

In the maritime industry, ensuring reliable and fast communication is paramount. Here is a recent installation case of our Ditel V60 maritime VSAT antenna on an oil products tanker. Ditel V60 has been recognized as an ideal maritime solution for this comm

In the maritime industry, ensuring reliable and fast communication is paramount. Recently, a significant milestone was achieved with the successful installation of the Ditel V60 maritime VSAT solution on an oil products tanker. With a length of 138 meters, a width of 19 meters, and a draft of 5 meters, it's a sizable ship that operates primarily in the Asian region. It's this ship's characteristics and operational region that made it an excellent candidate for the Ditel V60 maritime VSAT equipment.
Ditel V60 Maritime VSAT is a Ku-band, 2-axis stabilized, and 3-axis auto-tracking system. It boasts a compact 65cm dish size, making it a perfect fit for smaller vessels or those with space constraints. The V60's 5 patent technology ensures superior tracking performance, providing high tracking efficiency that would otherwise require at least a 90cm dish in other antennas.
One of the key reasons this vessel opted for the Ditel V60 is its affordability. The cost-effectiveness of this model does not compromise its performance under the satellite coverage in the Asian region. This makes it an ideal choice for vessels operating in these waters, offering dependable performance and seamless communication.
Moreover, Ditel is not just a provider of high-quality maritime VSAT equipment. We also deliver an excellent airtime service. Our service is known for its stability, high speed, and affordability, providing our customers with top-notch service across the entire region. The comprehensive combination of our equipment and services ensures that our clients receive the best possible experience when it comes to maritime communication. This holistic approach goes a long way in ensuring that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, like the successful installation on the oil products tanker.
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