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DITEL Maritime VSAT Solution on an Offshore Wind Power Installation Platform

DITEL offers a maritime solution including dual 83cm VSAT V81, airtime service and SIP telephone on an offshore wind power installation platform.
DITEL 83cm VSAT V81 on an offshore wind power installation platform
♦ Offshore wind power installation platform
♦ Navigation mainly around Asia areas
ESG has become a notable trend in marine industry during recent years. As environmental friendly development has been placed at the top priority, a number of vessels related to renewable energy have been developed. Offshore wind power installation platform has become one important type. Recently, DITEL has offered a maritime solution on one of this typed vessels. This 2000-ton offshore wind power installation platform is 133m long and 41m wide. In order to improve their work efficiency, the crew members on board are expected to keep in touch with their onshore team. Therefore, DITEL provides a maritime solution including dual V81 VSAT and SIP telephone on this vessel. With the support of flawless Internet connectivity and VoIP service, they can make real-time communication and keep updated with latest information at sea. This vessel mainly works at Asia area, and the crew members have found both Internet and VoIP service perform at a quite satisfying level.
♦ Dual DITEL V81 VSAT equipment
♦ Flawless maritime airtime service
♦ SIP telephone and VoIP service
Our V81 VSAT equipment which is installed on this offshore wind power installation platform is a 83cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna system. With its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies, DITEL V81 offers superior high tracking performance, supporting remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP and other network applications. Our well-manufactured dome cover protects the antenna from various marine environmental conditions, which ensures consistent connectivity on board. The two V81 antennas have been well installed on the deck without shelter around.
Based on the two VSAT equipment, we provide fast-speed airtime service for the crew members on board. They can easily have access to Internet to send emails and upload/download profiles. In addition, we also provide VoIP service based on the SIP telephone. They can easily dial their onshore team members through the SIP telephone especially at emergency. According to their experience so far, the speed and consistency of the airtime service working on both V81 is found to be quite satisfying. And the VoIP service is crystal clear. With the support of Internet connectivity as well as VoIP service on board, they have well improved their efficiency. DITEL also feel great honored to help with ESG development in this way!
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