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Ditel S60 63cm ku band marine TV antenna

Item No.: S60
Ditel S60 is a marine satellite TV antenna system that has excellent satellite signal receipt capability with a 63cm  (24.80”) reflector.

The Ditel S60 offers one of the highest signal strength available with a 63cm (24.80”) reflectors, significantly increasing the coverage area.It is widely used in anywhere in the world as long as the area of  Minimum EIRP  is over 46dBW.

• Automatic Satellite Search and Skew Control
• Accurate Signal Acquisition by Ditel's Distinctive Algorithm
• Pre-programmed Satellite Database
• Brake System
• 2-axis stability , 3-axis tracking 
• Circular and liner polarizaton compatible LNB
• Military level electronic components

 Radome Dimension(WxH)  75*83.8cm(29.5inch*33inch)
 Reflector Diameter  63cm
 Weight  26kg
 Radom materials/colour  ASA/White/Blue
 Environmental humidity  0-95%    
 Operating Temp. Range   -20~70℃   
 Platform  2-axis stabilized , 3-axis tracking
 Azimuth Range / Tracking  rate   0-680°  /  ±8°@15S
 Pitch  range /Tracking  rate   0°- 95° /    ±20° @4S
 LNB skew Range/ Tracking rate  ±167.5°  /    ±30° @4S
 Initial lock                ≤60S
 Reception frequency        KU-band10.7-13.4GHz   
 RX Gain  36.4dBi  (12.5Ghz)
 Input voltage   AC 100V~240V
 Min.EIRP  46dBW
 Polarization  linear polarization
 Antenna type  Ring focus antenna