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Ditel S241 240cm C band Ku band marine direct TV antenna

Item No.: S241
Ditel S241 is a marine direct TV antenna that has excellent satellite signal receipt capability with a 240cm  (94.49”) reflector.
marine direct TV antenna

The Ditel S241 marine direct TV antenna offers both C and Ku band signal, providing high antenna gain  with a 240cm (94.48") reflectors, significantly increasing the coverage area and strengthening signal acquisitions.
3 axis stable platforms and 4 axis accurate tracking struchure makes HD TV singal always on and users can enjoy clear and stable television however hard conditions the ships are. With preprogramed international satellite data,  users can select he satellite on their mobile terminals such as PC and Cell phone. S241 is the best choice for high- end route users who traving world wide.

• Automatic Satellite Search and Skew Control
• 4-axis high speed tracking system,3-axis stable
• Built-in HD module for Ku-band HD TV reception
• Brake System
• A built-in GPS inside the Antenna Unit for faster signal acquisition
• Pre-programmed Satellite Database
• USB,Wifi connector ACU,users can remote control the antenna with their PC or Handphone App

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