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DITEL V81 Maritime VSAT Solution for a Offshore Supply Vessel

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Author : Yannis Chen
Update time : 2022-05-26 16:39:18
DITEL V81 80cm KU band 3-axis Maritime VSAT
DITEL V81 maritime VSAT was installed on a offshore supply ship, which operates in East China Sea. Optimize and make efficient use of all ship equipment resources to fully enhance competitiveness. Because of excellent communication system capability of DITEL V81, stable and efficient network coverage are ensured for the whole vessel to proceed smoothly.
DITEL V81 is a 80cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna. On the basis of its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies, DITEL V81 supports remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP and other network applications. Equipped with DITEL maritime satellite VSAT system, the supply ship is covered with full network access to acquire essential support.
DITEL is composed of a group of enthusiastic, passionate young people. We have a fanatical pursuit of technology and we determined to become a world-class supplier of mobile satellite communications equipment for customers around the world with the most reliable products and the best service. We will continue to uphold the spirit as “never stop scientific and technological innovation”, and strive to make customers to “enjoy the quality sea life anytime, anywwhere”, and with aim to create the wisdom marine ecosystem.