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DITEL V81 Maritime VSAT Demonstrates Efficient Works on Dredging Vessel

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Author : Yannis Chen
Update time : 2021-04-08 11:02:34
DITEL V81 83cm KU band 3-axis Maritime VSAT
DITEL recently completed the installation of the DITEL V81 maritime VSAT on a self-propelled dredging vessel. The installation demonstrates the capabilities of the system and the efficient works of crew on board. Because of its excellent signal tracking capability and stable broadband, DITEL V81 is of great help to high communication efficiency. Besides, in possession of a hopper capacity of 5800 m³, the dredging of waterways is successfully completed mainly around coastal areas of China.
DITEL V81 is a 83cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna. Excellent communication equipment enhances the coordination of navigation operations and the communication for the whole navigation. On the basis of its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies, DITEL V81 offers superior RF performance to ensure safe and efficient operations on board under all kinds of conditions. Dredging vessel is critical to dredging and channel digging projects in rivers, lakes and seas. Timely technical support and perfect information are necessary to navigation safety, and that is also what DITEL V81 can provide.  
DITEL is dedicated to satisfying the customers' needs of enjoying the quality sea life anytime and anywhere. First of all, a variety of network applications can be used to greatly improve crew's work efficiency. In addition, DITEL V81 is a medium of communication with the outside world, therefore, crew are not restricted to act only on board. All in all, DITEL V81 meets the demands both in work and life, and takes a leap of faith to water world.