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DITEL V81 Maritime Solution for a 57809t DWT Bulk Carrier

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Author : Yannis Chen
Update time : 2021-05-13 17:23:41
DITEL V81 80cm KU band 3-axis Maritime VSAT
DITEL V81 maritime VSAT finished installation on a 57809t DWT bulk carrier during its renovation. Taking on a new look, it heads for South Atlantic Ocean with stable and continuous broadband access. Besides, in front of a wide range of goods, DITEL V81 witnesses the benefits of shipowner and crew.
Personalized solutions are carried out based on the specific requirements of customers. Thanks to the excellent quality and services, and price advantage of DITEL, the customers prefer to install dual antennas. Take this bulk carrier for example, one 80cm Ku-band maritime VSAT is for regional area and one 1m Ku-band maritime VSAT is for international area. Dual antennas not only facilitate information interaction, but also save the cost of traffic to a great extent. DITEL strives to create the maximum value for customers.
DITEL V81 is a 80cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna. The coordination of navigation operations and the communication for the whole navigation can be improved by excellent communication equipment. Bulk carrier plays an important role in the increasingly frequent trade around the world. In terms of 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technologies, DITEL V81 performs superior RF performance to provide timely technical support and perfect information, which ensure navigation safety and efficient operations on board under a variety of conditions.
DITEL concentrates on supplying our clients with full-functional maritime satellite communication system. There is no doubt that paying attention to maritime satellite VSAT system on board is a tendency towards the rapid social and economic development across the world. Taking a leap of faith to water world is also what DITEL is after.