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DITEL Maritime VSAT Gives a Hand to Wisdom Ocean Construction

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Author : Yannis Chen
Update time : 2021-07-08 12:54:15
DITEL 60cm KU band Maritime VSAT

DITEL 60cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna was installed on Shenlan 1, China's first deep-sea fish farm in Qingdao, Shandong province. High-quality, high-speed and stable operation of the equipment ensures the rapid exchange of information, signifying that DITEL will continue to give a hand to wisdom ocean construction. 
Featuring a compact size and lightweight design, DITEL 60cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antenna provides stable and full network coverage for the whole salmon farming platform and offers superior tracking performance. The world's largest intelligent submersible aquaculture facility --- Shenlan 1is equal to 40 standard swimming pools and weighs 1,500 metric tons. The installation of the satellite system will promote deep-sea aquaculture development towards an intelligent, environmentally friendly business.
DITEL V61 and V60 are 60cm Ku-band maritime VSAT antennas. VSAT antenna system is composed of antenna, BUC, LNB, ACU and Modem to complete the transmission, reception and information modulation of satellite signals. DITEL maritime VSAT antenna can automatically track the satellite to support remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband, video conference, VoIP and other network applications. According to the choice of tracking different satellites, the requirements of vessels operation in different sea areas can be satisfied.
DITEL is one of the world's leading providers of maritime satellite communication systems. DITEL's stabilized satellite antenna systems are choosed to deliver connectivity around the world. Founded in 2009, DITEL is leading the way in driving innovation in the satellite communication market and makes firm strides towards water world.