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DITEL completed Round B financing - 100 million CNY level, continuously devoting to maritime satellite communication market

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Author : Betty Zhang
Update time : 2020-07-02 14:16:01

Recently, DITEL Technology successfully completed round B financing - 100 million CNY level. This round of financing was divided into the form of external investment and inner investment by the company's core management. For external investment by Fujen Captial, it was also a new round of additional investment in DITEL Technology following the round A leading investment in 2016. In addition, there also introduced Ningbo Borong Investment Co., LTD., the investment platform of Ningbo Beyond Group, a domestic comprehensive fashion industry group with rich e-commerce experience, to provide strong support for our future development of fishery e-commerce platform.

With the completion of the round B financing, it not only reflected the huge potential and opportunities of maritime satellite communication market, but also confirmed the shareholders' recognition of the past achievement of DITEL and the its future business prospects. DITEL would continue to increase investment in R&D and innovation in the field of maritime satellite communication equipment and domestic satellite broadband communication services. On the basis of consolidating the leading position of antenna equipment installations, it would further expand the market and cover more fishing vessels, commercial vessels, cruise ships and so on. Meanwhile, we’d like to enrich customers' life at sea, making efforts to develop the marine Internet of Things, Internet application, Marine big data platform, fishery trading platform and other businesses, fully exploring the marine economic value and injecting new vitality into company's future development.

Thanks to all shareholders for their long-term support and trust, DITEL will make good use of this fund, develop and strengthen itself and continue to work hard to bring generous returns to investors. It is believed that with the support of shareholders and all other field friends, DITEL will go longer, stronger and gradually become the industry leader.

Fujen Capital is a venture capital institution focusing on investment in the field of technology and innovation. With the concept of value investment and industrial chain investment, it continues to create value for the invested enterprise. Fujen Capital sticks to the value investing philosophy that is based on rich experience and driven by in-depth research. It abandons the risk of short-term speculation and insists on continuously exploring the real potential and market value of invested enterprises. Meanwhile, it pays attention to the deep layout and resource integration of industrial chain’s upstream and downstream, actively promoting the rapid and healthy growth of invested enterprises. Fujen Capital has always been in contact with a large number of innovative and entrepreneurial projects, exploring the intrinsic value of the enterprise. It believes that only the enterprise mastering the core technology will become the industry leader.

Ningbo Borong Investment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Ningbo Beyond Holding Group Co., Ltd. Beyond Group is a large-scale comprehensive fashion industry group with three major industrial groups of home textiles, apparel and business travel, involving four major industrial sectors of industry, investment, finance and entrepreneurial service. At present, it has more than 30 independent brands, more than 100 entrepreneurial teams and more than 5,000 retail terminals. In 2019, Beyond Group achieved a total sales of 20.5 billion CNY, an increase of 9.5% year-on-year, of which the e-commerce sales reached 5.9 billion, up 18% year-on-year, realized 810 million CNY in profits and taxes.