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Seamless Marine Communication with Ditel V60 VSAT on a Leisure Craft

Ditel offers a compact-sized VSAT solution for a leisure craft which enables passengers able to stay connected and entertained while out at sea.
Ditel Maritime VSAT V60 on a Leisure Craft

As many leisure crafts have chosen to upgrade their communication system with VSAT equipment on board, a recent leisure craft owner has come to us Ditel and chose the V60 VSAT to enhance their on-board communication experience. The Ditel V60's exceptional Ku-band performance, perfect for smaller vessels, left them truly impressed. With its 2-axis stabilized platform, the V60 guarantees stable and reliable connections, even in rough sea conditions. Plus, its superior tracking performance enables the 65cm dish to deliver excellent connectivity, comparable to larger 90cm dishes, making it a smart and cost-effective choice.
Ditel V60's simple, compact design made the installation process smooth. The Ditel team provided outstanding technical support throughout, ensuring a seamless experience for the owner. Once installed, the Ditel V60 VSAT's auto-tracking system delivered stable and reliable connections, even in challenging maritime conditions. It provided fast internet speeds and high-quality voice communication, keeping the owner and guests connected and entertained while onboard.
Additionally, Ditel offers cost-effective connectivity solutions. With the 65cm VSAT equipment, the leisure craft subscribed to Ditel's regional airtime service plan for Asia areas, providing fast download and upload speeds. Now, those onboard can easily share their interesting on-board stories on social media and make video calls to friends and family, enhancing their enjoyment at sea and ensuring their safety. In an emergency, the reliable connectivity enables swift assistance requests, potentially saving lives.
In conclusion, Ditel's 65cm V60 VSAT is an outstanding marine communication solution for leisure crafts. Its compact size, lightweight design, and efficient performance make it ideal for vessels with limited space. If you seek a reliable and cost-effective communication solution for your vessel, consider the Ditel V60 VSAT!
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