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DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT installed on a 11800DWT container ship

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Author : Betty Zhang
Update time : 2020-03-12 13:41:25
                     DITEL V81 83cm KU band 3-axis marine satellite antenna
DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on a 11800DWT container ship, providing stable and efficient broadband access for the whole vessel during the container transportation.
DITEL KU band maritime satellite VSAT -- V81 stands out to be an ideal choice for large vessel or platform such as global commercial vessels, offshore vessels, oil and gas platform etc. It performs super high tracking performance, supporting remote control by PC and mobile, video monitoring, broadband access, video conference, VoIP service and other network applications. In the fixed sailing range, V81 could select different satellite from its pre-progammed database to meet the high request for broadband.
With DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT system installed on board, the crew can not only get the technical support and keep in touch with control center through internet in time, but also have a chance to enjoy a relaxing time in their spare time during the long sailing trip. What’s more, equipping the ship with maritime satellite communication VSAT system is no doubt a necessary part for the whole ship, by which it could help to assure the maritime safety with network access.