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DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT Antenna installed on Bulk carrier going for sailing line Singapore--Malaysia

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Update time : 2019-06-27 13:39:08
DTEL V61 63cm KU band maritime satellite antenna

DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on Bulk carrier, going for Singapore--Malaysia sailing line, which provides stable and full network coverage for the whole vessel and make great contributions to the cargo transportation for Southeast Asia area.

DITEL V61, a 63cm Ku-band marine satellite VSAT antenna, features a compact size and lightweight design to be an ideal choice for smaller vessels with space constraints. With its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V61 offers superior high tracking performance, supporting video monitor, broadband access, web television, remote video conference and networking telephone service. By selecting different satellite, V61 can offer service to fixed course range vessels which have high request for broadband. And 3-axis is much more preferred in the vicinity of the equator.

With installation of DITEL V61, stable and full network covers the whole vessel with its superior tracking performance, the crew are able to get the technical support and more information through internet conveniently, which plays a great role in booming social and economic benefits.

                      By Betty Zhang