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DITEL V61 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on a Dredging vessel with 4500 cubic meter capacity

DITEL V61 63cm KU Band 3-axis maritime satellite VSAT antenna
DITEL V61 VSAT Antenna installed on a self - propelled Dredging vessel with 4500 cubic meter capacity, providing stable and full network coverage for the whole vessel, bringing great convenience to meet both work and life requirements.
DITEL V61 is a 63cm Ku-band marine satellite VSAT antenna. With its 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, V61 provides stable and full network coverage for the whole vessel and offering superior tracking performance to the crew.  
It is a great significance for maritime environment to carry out dredging project. Thanks to the installation of DITEL V61 bringing stable and full network access to provide indispensable help, such as timely technical support and dredging information, the dredging project could proceed smoothly in whatever hard weather condition.
With the installation of DITEL V61, crew on ship can not only get support in working process, but also communicate on a daily basis without limitations to their loved ones and families through a secure and high-speed Internet connection provided by DITEL.
                      By Betty Zhang