Ditel Technology

Windtalker Series-V
Maritime VSAT ,Satellite Communications, offer easier offshore communication globally.
Ocean Series-S
Marine Satellite TV Antenna System, military components, worldwide used freely.
Marine Series-A
Ku-band Satellite TV Antenna System, suitable for complicated sea conditions.
Professional Solution
Satellite TV on Semand Program,Video Surveillance Backhaul Solution,Large Cruise Solution,Fishing Vessel Solutions
New designed Ditel VSAT Communication Antennas, with 63cm reflector and 3-axis stabilized platform and 5 patent technology, the V61 offers superior tracking performance to users. Learn More please contact us >> sales@di-tel.com
DITEL 63cm maritime satellite VSAT V61 installed on 11000DWT Oil Tanker, providing stable and efficient network access for the whole vessel, which made great contributions to both oil economic benefits and security assurance.
DITEL V81 maritime satellite VSAT installed on ocean fishing vessel. It provided stable signal tracking and excellent broadband efficiency, creating great benefits for ship owner with its extraordinary high cost-effectiveness.
DITEL V101 maritime satellite VSAT antenna installed on a 57000DWT bulk carrier going for Southeast Asia lines. DITEL engineering team installed V101 system in Singapore, ensuring stable and efficient broadband access during the cargo transportation.
About Us
Ditel focuses on research of high-gain satellite antenna and satellite signal servo tracking technology. Our A / R / S / V and other series of products can be widely used on Commercial Maritime, Offshore Energy, Defense & Intelligence , Yachts and fishing boats, etc.
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